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Here at Boof Creative Group web design and development we are passionate about our work. We do not use web templates for your business, instead, we not only design your website according to your business and your clients’ needs and demographics, we also hand code your website from scratch. At Boof we make sure your website is responsive on any device. Our 24/7 maintenance team is here to make sure of 99.9% server up time

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Web Design

Since mobile devices and internet are accessable more than ever having a properly designed website is a must for any business. A website that is easy to find on search engines, easy to navigate and pleasant to look at


Mobile devices are able to read websites as they are, however they may not respond the same way. To make sure all the users see what you want them to see you need a responsive website that can adjust itself to any operating system and any screen size. Having a mobile friendly website allows search engines such as google to easily list your website.


To make a good use of your website you need to make it avaiable on the first page of every search engine. Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short form introduce your website to all the search engines. By using proper keywords and adjustments we will take you there and we will keep you on the first page.

We will check your website to see if it is optimized properly and professionally for FREE



Like everything else your website needs to be maintened as well. We make sure your website is never down and it contains no dead links. We keep track of your domain and hosting expiration dates and emails.


Online shops are one of the best ways to promote your products by targeting the right target market. It cost much less than having an actual store. You can spend franctions of traditional advertisment methods and draw more clients to your store.